Terrace Hill Attraction Reviews

Terrace Hill is a popular tourist attraction in the United States. It is the official residence of the Iowa governor and is also known as Benjamin F. Allen House, Iowa Governor’s Mansion, or Hubbell Mansion. As it is a major part of the travel and tourism sector of the United States, let’s look deep into the whole travel and tourism industry around the world.

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Now let’s return to Terrace Hill. It is situated at 2300 Grand Avenue, which is in Des Moines. The mansion is considered to be a great model of the architecture of the Second Empire. It is located on a hill looking over Des Moines’s downtowns. The 27m tower of the mansion gives a wide view of the whole city. In 2003, the building was officially considered to be a National Historic Landmark.

  • First Floor

The first floor of the mansion is a formal space that is mostly used to receive VIP guests or other important people. The entry to the building is the Vestibule and there is a drawing-room across the mansion’s hall. There is also a Music Room, Dining Room, Sitting Room, and Library on the first floor.

  • Second Floor

The second floor was originally the bedrooms for the families in the building. But now, the second floor is the office of the Governor. The office of the First Gentleman is also on this floor.

  • Basement and the Third Floor

There is a private apartment on the mansion’s third floor, where the First Family and the Iowa Governor live. This floor and the basement are prohibited from tourists.