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A Tribute to Two Great Leaders


Jacqueline Doran Erbe 1921 2009
Iowas former First Lady Jacqueline Doran Erbe died on February 4 from complications of Parkinsons Disease. She was the wife of the late Governor Norman A. Erbe, who was elected governor in 1961, and the daughter of Boone attorney and state Senator Lant Doran and DeElda Doran.
Born in Boone, Iowa, on April 6, 1921, Jackie earned a political science degree from the State University of Iowa, Iowa City. In 1942, she married Norman Erbe, her high school sweetheart, while he was serving in the Army Air Corps as a fighter pilot during the Second World War. He named his B-17 bomber in her honor. They raised three daughters in Boone.
Jackie had many interests, including the Terrace Hill Society; Iowa Antique Association; Iowa State Historical Society; and the Historical Museum of Boone, which she helped found. Jackie wrote a popular column for The Boone News Republican, entitled A Pinch of Salt.
She is survived by three daughters: DeElda (Dee) Wittmack of Des Moines, who is actively involved in Terrace Hill projects; Jennifer Wilson of San Francisco, California; and Kevin Sisson of Chevy Chase, Maryland. At the time of her death, she had five grandchildren and five great grandchildren.

James Windsor Hubbell, Jr. 1922 2009
Terrace Hill lost a great patron when James W. Hubbell, Jr. passed away at 86 in April 2009. The great grandson of Frederick M. Hubbell, whose insurance and real estate empire was legendary, oversaw the dissolution of the F.M. Hubbell Trust, dividing the pioneers fortune among dozens of descendants. He sustained his great-grandfathers legacy and eventually passed the leadership of Hubbell business interests to the next generation.
As the modern-day patriarch of the Hubbell family, James W. Hubbell, Jr. instilled in his family through his own quiet example a sense of commitment to the community and a drive for development that, much like F.M.s, enhanced the quality of life for central Iowans.
A Harvard graduate and World War II aviator, Hubbell was active in the revitalization of downtown Des Moines during the 1970s and 1980s. He retired as head of Equitable Life Insurance Company in 1993. Under his leadership, the Hubbell family gave Terrace Hill to the State of Iowa in 1971 to serve as the home for Iowas governors.
Hubbell is survived by his wife, Helen, and four children: James III, Harriet (Rusty), Fred and Michael. All are ardent supporters of Terrace Hill.

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